The Typhoid Fighters

CEED Foundation Uganda is the sister organization to CEED USA. It is a fully operational non-profit run by Ugandans in Uganda for the purpose of carrying out the mission goals of CEED USA. In prior years they were in charge of running the Coffee farm, which is now fully independent and self sustaining in its own right, as well as smaller initiatives that supported local missions, churches and medical centers.  

For the last two decades the majority of their work has been in the drilling, repairing, and maintaining clean water wells in Uganda. The drilling teams are all local hires who work under the expert management of Herbert Asiimwe, the director of CEED Foundation. The drilling fleet is made up of two small drilling rigs as well as the Drill King, the largest drilling rig currently in Uganda. All three rigs were funded by CEED USA and their donors. Then ownership of the rigs was transferred to CEED Foundation Uganda to further our goal of creating self sustaining initiatives in the countries where they are planted. 

While most of the wells CEED Foundation drills are funded by donations from America, the wells themselves belong to the villages that they are drilled in. The water committee that is put into place in each village where a CEED well is established is one of the pillars of CEEDs long standing success. The water committee is comprised of 4 to 5 village elders and includes a treasurer, which is commonly a respected woman in the village. They collect a few pennies a year from each family that is put towards maintaining the well. They also work to keep the area around the borehole clean, weed free and protected from livestock and vandalism. Without this buy in the villages won’t truly believe that the well is there’s, which is why so many wells in Uganda drilled by the Government, and even other non-profits, fall into disrepair. To learn more about how CEED Foundation drills its wells you can follow this link

The teams are well loved in Uganda, and villages recognize the trucks as they go by. CEED Foundation has even earned the nickname of ‘Typhoid Fighters’. Villagers know that if a CEED well is coming to their village, they will see a drop in illness of around 71%. Because of the drop in illness, children will be healthy enough to attend school and learn. Parents will be able to pay for food, clothes, books and tuition instead of expensive medicine. 

Because of the water wells women and children in the villages will spend less time gathering water and more time on education, and cottage industry. Domestic violence drops drastically, as do assaults that happen far to commonly when women and girls have to leave the safety of their village to gather water in the bush. The villages will start to prosper and grow. New schools will open, new churches will be planted, and people will thrive, all because of a clean water well. 

The CEED Foundation Drilling Team in Blue