About Us

About Us

Fresh, clean water!

CEED is a 501 (c)(3) organization whose purpose is to encourage and facilitate spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the development and maintenance of sustainable income-generating projects in poverty-stricken areas of the world. We bring together the abundant possibilities of American financial resources with the natural resources of nations situated along the Equator. CEED offers employment and management opprtunities to nationals and oversees projects through an all-volunteer Board which provides leadership and vision.

CEED projects are funded through private donations, foundation grants and proceeds from the sale of Ugandan Gold Coffee. Project profits are used to facilitate Bible study, improve health care, enhance education and provide fresh drinking water for Ugandan children and their families.

Why Uganda? Uganda is in sub-Saharan Africa, one of the poorest nations in one of the poorest parts of the world. As sad as the situation represented by official statistics on the following chart seems, it is a rosy picture compared to the realities in the rural areas where most of the population reside. They face infant mortality rates as high as 20%, life expectancy as short as 50 years and a lack of clean water and sanitation affecting 70% of the population. Information about Ugandan compared to the United States*

Uganda United States
Population 34.6 million 313.2 million
Population growth rate 3.5% 0.9%
Life expectancy 52 78
Infant mortality 6% 0.6%
Median age 15 37
Living with HIV/AIDs 1.2 million 1 million
Died from AIDs > 1 million 600,000
Access to clean water 66% 99%
Adequate sanitation 48% 99%
Literacy rate 66% 99%
GDP/per capita $1300 $47,200
Below poverty line 35% 12%
Labor force in agriculture 82% 1.2%
Unemployment 60% 9%
Prime lending rate 21% 3.87%

*Taken from CIA-The World Fact Book website.